Saturday, October 8, 2011

On Sportscasters

Originally posted by my brother, George Mercado, in on August 19, 2006.


Something to share though---Jack Garcia was probably the most underrated sportscaster of the 60s. He was overshadowed by the more flamboyant Willie Hernandez, but sorry to say I never liked the style of the Elizalde broadcasters---where Mr. Hernandez belonged. He had his brilliant moments, though. Jack Garcia was straightforward---we have to remember, radio was the medium, and listeners wanted to visualize the action. During the 68 Mexico Olympics, his coverage of the USA-Phil game was memorable. Our boys
certainly gave the US team a scare. Emy Arcilla started out with ABS CBN together with Frank Sanchez and Raffy Mejia---who used to be a pop dj on their AM DZQL Now Radio. Joe Cantada covered for CH 13, this because he was with DZHP, their am news and info station with Ronnie Nathanielsz. They even covered the Tour of Luzon LIVE on TV! Cameras were strategically mounted on top of buildings along the race route. Aah--those were the glory days of real sports coverage. 

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