Saturday, October 8, 2011

Philippine National Basketball Teams in the Early 70s

Originally posted by my brother, George Mercado, in on August 19, 2006.


Remember the Philippine Youth team in the 1st ABC Youth? This was an awesome bunch with the likes of Adornado, Regullano, Martirez, Paner, Sullano, etc. They steamrollered the competition, winning by an average of 20 point spreads. This was probably one of the last glittering moments of Phil basketball. Actually, ever since the Jakarta Asiad, Phil basketball started its plummet. In the Tehran Asiad, we lost to Israel and Iran---where the players were involved in a court melee. The Bangkok Asiad also was disastrous.
However, there was a ray of hope when a world tournament featuring 6 feet and under players was held in Barcelona. We figured mightily in that one, although we didn't win. 

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