Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crispa Controversies

1. The reported power struggle between Co and Cezar in one side and Guidaben and Hubalde in the other. We all know that Co and Cezar were best buddies while Guidaben and Hubalde bonded well together, especially when they both became born-again Christians. Initially, the prime leaders of the team were #6 and #18 until #5 and #10 slowly took the leadership mantle in the latter years. Guidaben particularly was very vocal of his displeasure regarding the off-court "transactions" between

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

EMERITO LEGASPI – from amateur superstar to PBA role player


Birthdate: May 02, 1954
Height: 5’11
Weight: 160 lbs
Position: Forward

          When Emerito Legaspi graduated from high school at the Gregorio Araneta University Foundation (GAUF) in Malabon, the future was extremely bright. He just finished valedictorian from high school after being salutatorian in elementary, was the star basketball player of his school, and was just granted a full scholarship by the University of the East not because of his

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jaworski Files 2

1. In the late 60's, Robert Jaworski was a superstar player with the UE Red Warriors and Coach Baby Dalupan's most coveted treasure in his lineup. After ending his stint with the Warriors, Jaworski was able to play for the Crispa Redmanizers in the MICAA for a few months before joining the arch rival Meralco Reddywatts. This is where Jaworski found his trek to superstardom paved and easy. Of course, Dalupan felt slighted about the Big J's transfer and eventually, the two became arch rivals all the way

Friday, March 2, 2012

Jaworski Files

The Jaworski Files:

1. Slit The Throat Gesture - In the 1997 season, San Miguel Beer's Allan Caidic got waylaid in a battle for the loose ball and fell accidentally with his head hitting the floor first. The coliseum fell into a hushed silence after seeing Caidic almost unconscious and not moving. Thereafter, Caidic threw up on the hardfloor brought about by the loud thud he experienced. Minutes passed - no one was moving or taking action as no one seemed to know what to do. Jaworski rose from his bench and made a "slit the throat" gesture, asking "bakit, patay na ba yan?" Critics were quick to lambast the Big J for this