Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jeff Moore and Dennis Still comments on Jacobs

Was fortunate enough to receive replies from Dennis Still and Jeff Moore regarding my request to write their personal tribute to Ron Jacobs.

Allow me to post these:

From Dennis Still:

"One thing I can say about him he was a great teacher; he knew how to coach players and put them in the right spot. He always treated me like his own son and I always could talk to him about all kinds of things even at a young age. I think Coach Ron, among all kinds of coaches from different countries, but overall he was the best and there is no other coach in the Philippines who could do what he did with the Filipino young team. To beat United States two times, he knew what kind of player I was in that he let me play my game. He knew how to talk to me, to calm me down when I was ready to tear some heads off, LOL. I will always remember him. I'm hoping that I can come back and get with all the players it was my first ever best team I played with. I will miss him a lot."

From Jeffrey Moore:

"What can I say about Ron Jacob the man the legend the friend the father figure to me and so many more. This man meant the world to me, as a young man out of Tucson Arizona took me under his wings, he gave me a home like it was my own. You watched over me and guided me through life we made our way to Loyola Marymount where we had an incredible run changed the entire program around in one year. Two years later we're off to do the same in the Philippines where as history shows we did the same. This man taught me the true value of being a friend taught me to be patient to be understanding but more importantly taught me how to fight for what is right. There has never been a coach in my long history of playing the game of basketball that I wanted to do whatever it took to win for him. Truly I branch out into my coaching career no one inspired me more to become a coach then Ron Jacobs. I just feel so bad that I never had a chance to tell him how I feel and to tell him truly how much I love him and respected him as a human being. He will be missed by so many but most importantly by me. Rest in peace my friend, may God bless you and we miss you......"

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