Friday, January 8, 2016

When a Commissioner goes overboard..

Can't help but shake my head with the recent actions of Commissioner Chito Narvasa. He found himself not just right in the middle of a near brawl between the protagonists from the Alaska Aces and the Global Port Batang Pier teams, but in the center of the headlines once more.

Hard not to question Narvasa's decision to enter the court and help out in pacifying everyone - he was simply being pro-active and wanted to settle the situation the best way he knew. Personally, I'd rather see the Commissioner giving his officials enough latitude to run things on their own - it wasn't like it was a blown-up fisticuffs happening in our midst. I won't take it against him if he remained seated and watched the proceedings from his box - he'd have a better vantage point, particularly when he starts deliberating what sanctions are to be imposed.

But since Narvasa felt that he was needed inside the court, as if his underlings could not control the situation, I'll let this micro management pass. What is irritating and purely wrong was admonishing Alaska Ace Dondon Hontiveros. Instead of the pacifier, he became part of the tension. Instead of providing esteem to the office he occupies, he desecrated it.

No matter how Narvasa justified his acts, it was clear that he exacerbated the situation. Worse, he directed his ire on one particular individual, Hontiveros, who claimed that he was merely there to help control Jay Washington, a personal friend. To point his finger at Hontiveros at the heat of the moment betrays what Narvasa may be all about - an absolute control freak with narcissistic and authoritative tendencies.

That one single move of Narvasa last Wednesday night may perhaps be the most stupid act ever made by a PBA Commissioner in league history. I've criticized Chito Salud severely during his entire tenure as "kume" but Narvasa makes Salud appear like a Hall of Famer...

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